Part comedy, part concert, Sarah Clanton’s “speakeasy pop’icana” show

is a celebration of the unexpected.

The singer-cellist-songwriter strums, bows, picks, and taps through stories of hope and heart, pulling you into the moment by the collar and not letting go. Classically trained but now playing out of the “box,” Clanton’s vocals transcend from moonlit night to house on fire, with a tone that blends smoke with sunlight, landing somewhere between Nina Simone and Norah Jones. 


After graduating Furman University in 2007 with a degree in Music and Communication Studies, Clanton stayed in Greenville, South Carolina and continued playing classically in orchestras, while touring with bands as a hired gun, working random jobs and teaching cello lessons. All the while exploring and finding her voice in non-traditional ways of playing and singing with her cello. When she was not on the road touring solo or appearing with artists like Edwin McCain, The David Mayfield Parade, Ben Sollee, Mindy Smith and Richard Leigh, Clanton was organizing a 19 week, Saturday solar powered festival called Music in the Woods. Her diligence caught the attention of the Cirque De Soilel who invited her to audition for a lead role right before deciding to finally make the move to Nashville in 2014.


Sarah's purple hair-tossing, sultry yet electric performances - an exercise in musical abandon - became audience favorites. In 2012 Clanton facilitated a successful Kickstarter campaign to record her first full length recording. Sarah’s first self produced project upon arriving to Nashville, a 2015 self-titled EP released included “Tequila,” an original co-write by Clanton, Tom Bettencourt, and Richard Leigh, made the Nashville Songwriters Association International Top 40 in January 2016. 


After just two years in Nashville, Clanton signed a management deal with Torque Entertainment and a publishing deal with Writer’s Den Music group. In the spring of 2017 Sarah was selected as an Official Showcase Artist at the South Eastern Regional Folk Alliance in Montreat, North Carolina. This honor followed the 2017 releases “Middle Tree Studio Live,” a collection of originals, and a summer of video collaboration covers like “The Less I Know The Better” and “Chained to the Rhythm” with Nataly Dawn or “One Step Closer” with Heather Mae. In December No Depression and Elmore Magazine premiered her latest single “Silver Lining,” a song co-written with Mary Bragg, championing construction conversation. 


Looking forward 2018 is looking like another year of adventure for Clanton as she finishes crafting and recording a new incarnation of her honey-and-thunder sound for a 2018 full length release.


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Sarah Clanton is my go-to cellist when I need a player who can think out of the ‘box.’
— Richard Leigh - Grammy Award Winning American country music songwriter and singer
Sarah Clanton is one of the most unique and intriguing artists and songwriters in the Nashville scene these days. Her wit and whimsical charm shine through in the various styles she employs, and her instrument-of-choice being a cello certainly helps her stand out from the pack.
— ET Brown - Manager, Creative Services SESAC - Nashville, TN
Armed with a voice as big and powerful as her cello, SC commands the stage. I’m truly inspired by her infectious songs and engaging performance
— David Mayfield - The David Mayfield Parade, Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer
The idea of going to see someone play the cello might conjure thoughts of a stuffy classical recital, but a performance by Sarah Clanton is anything but formal.
— Vincent Harris - Writer, Greenville Journal
Sarah is full of surprises. Her demeanor is demure, her music is dark-edged with a satirical bite. She has imagination, bravado and the technical chops to turn you into a believer.
— Peter Himmelman - Award Winning Artist, Singer Songwriter